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All Hope Is Lost in DCeased #5

An attempt to Rebuild Ends In Terror ( Issue Spoilers )

It’s Issue five out of six, and things can’t get much worse … right ? In this Penultimate issue of DCeased, the world attempts to rebuild after the first string of disasters.

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None shall escape …. the Green Canaries Light !

Picking up from the last issue, Washington, Baltimore and Metropolis are obliterated. With the survivors being the protected daily planet, Superman, Wonderwoman and Lex Luthor.

After severing all global networks, two safe havens are established : an Ivy protected Gotham and the Amazons home of Themyscira .

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude just reached maximum occupancy

They then started to build arks, so if necessary they could leave earth. While a chunk of the heroes were at the Fortress of Solitude ( the new hall of heroes) An infected Martian Manhunter kills Lex Luthor and Infects Barry Allen, the Flash, before being terminated by Firestorm.

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Superman is able to to kill the Blight Flash, but not before being infected himself. He says goodbye to his loved ones, and flies off into space to kill himself. During his final moments, the virus takes over and we now are faced with an infected superman.


The emotional warfare blasted from writer to audience, in panels like these, are amazingly devastating.

The story gains its thematic weight from tearing down these heroes in way that hasn’t been done before( with these characters). Since Superman has been been the saving grace of alot of this run, his loss to the virus is arguably the biggest loss in it.

Writer Tom Taylor continues to amp up the drama on each issue, building this tower of torturous delight as fan favorites are torn apart each issue. The emotional payoff of survival can sometime cheapan as the story continues, so the limited run of this story is in the stories favor. There’s a beginning and an end, and all that’s left is to see if the ending lands. As well as what, if anything, there is to take away from the story.

So what’s your opinion on DCeased ? Are you excited for its end or do you never want it to stop ? Let us know in the comments down below.

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