An Up And Pugging New Voice Actor

Have you ever played any Halo game and wondered to yourself “How in the world do they come up with these noises?”. Well I got some news for you because it seems that 343 has a pug working on the new Halo and it does sound like it would belong in the world of halo.

In an old instagram post by @Halo is getting some buzz once again. The post is the video of the good boy named Gyoza with his reel of talent. The caption on the video says “Meet our favorite pug, Gyoza. ??

The best friend of our studio’s Technical Art Director, his grunts, breaths, and excitement are sure to make for some… interesting sounds in #HaloInfinite. #halo #xbox #343industries #sounddesign #sounddesignsaturday #fieldrecording #pug #pugs #pugsofinstagram”

And of course, how could you not love this little guy. People all over the internet are guessing he’s going to be used to voice some aliens in the game because they sound spot on with many of them. But nonetheless this is both building more and more excitement for the upcoming halo set to come out next year.

Here is the link to the video if you wanna see this pug in action yourself.

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