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McDonald’s to Release its Own Veggie Burger, The PLT

The PLT which is going to be short for Plant, Lettuce, Tomato is going to hit 28 stores soon. Ever since Burger King’s new veggie burger hit McDonald’s has been eyeing “Beyond Meat”. When news broke of the new burger being released stock rose in Beyond Meat 13% and stock in McDonald’s also went up.

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It would seem that with restaurant chains and fast food places starting to offer more eco-friendly options investors want in big time. And that is a good thing. Now we may finally be able to eat vegetarian(if we wan’t to) when we go out to a large fast food chain like McDonald’s or Burger King. Other places like Taco Bell have boasted meat free menu options for a while now so it makes sense that others would want to join in too.

They are going to be starting the release at 28 stores in Southwestern Ontario and will be available starting September 30th.

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