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You Bet I Tried Burger King’s Impossible Whopper

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for just, literally forty-eight hours over a year now and this weekend I took my first major step toward becoming an actual Californian. Sure, walking down Hollywood Boulevard, eating El Pastor tacos from Leo’s Taco Truck, or attending an ASSCAT show at UCB Franklin are all staples of life in the City Of Angels. But nothing says “you’re on the West Coast now” like trying your first plant based, absolutely meatless, hamburger.

Wait what? Well unless you’ve been living without Internet for the last ten years, or completely incapable of processing change, plants are taking over the meat industry like that totally cut, and totally expensive final scene in Little Shop Of Horrors where Audrey II conquers the world…

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Alright, maybe take over was too harsh an expression. I actually don’t believe plant based meats will put a dent in our animal based meat consumption anytime soon. However it’s comforting to know that whenever humanity finally eats every cow left on Earth, the cheeseburgers of the future world, grown on farms like corn, will be surprisingly tasty.

Seriously though how nuts is that clip from Little Shop Of Horrors? Pretty dark stuff.

Anyway on a more positive note, Burger King’s Impossible Whopper is exactly what I said above, surprisingly tasty. Now I have zero experience when it comes to meatless anything, plus I ate a regular Whopper Jr. immediately after to make an honest comparison. So I’m in no way, shape, or form an expert. But I am however a person of the people and I’m here to give you everything you need to know before trekking it up to the local BK to get your grub on.

Yes, the sandwich is basically like you’re eating the exact same Whopper you’ve been eating since childhood. Looks the same, weighs the same, same texture, same flame broiled flavor combinations as the original. The only time the difference is noticeable is about fives seconds after your initial bite when the seasoning on the patty becomes apparent. It’s clear you’re not eating meat, but the taste doesn’t stray too far from that of the typical burger.

Keep in mind that with food culture being what it is today, fast food, especially Burger King, comes with a certain negative connotation. I find it even more interesting how people can have such high expectations for a something as inexpensive as grab and go fare tends to be. While I’ll admit the Impossible Whopper’s deliciousness came as a surprise and I recommend giving it a shot, there is one thing you must know.

For fast food, even though it’s not meat and I guess better for you, the Impossible Whopper came with a $6.59 price tag at the BK on Manchester by LAX. That’s a little high, for some reason I thought the whole not being meat thing would have made it more affordable. For two more bucks you can load up at Chipotle, which is an infinity superior product. I think the King shouldn’t be asking too much from their customer base, especially for a newer item that’s the polar opposite of the restaurant’s signature contribution to American food culture.

So I’m against the cost. Which may impact exactly how regular the Impossible Whopper makes it into my rotation of stuff I order at Burger King. I’ll also note that it’s hard to judge the patty itself. Combine the lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup, and bun, the patty gets slightly lost in all those flavors. But looking at the sandwich as a whole… it’s not too shabby.

So the Impossible Whopper is here in Los Angeles, obviously. I’m sure it will be coming to a Burger King near you.

So now I’ve had a veggie burger, couple that with a legal weed purchase and a trip to the beach, I’m officially a Californian.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Burger King

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