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This Pennywise Jeep is Terrorizing Neighborhoods

There is a Pennywise jeep that is creeping people out in Louisville. Andrew Johnson has earned internet fame by taking his jeep and customizing to scare the pants off people. He has one of those rare right hand drive vehicles so he is able to put an animatronic on the passenger side, which would normally be the drivers seat.

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“The only one they had on the lot was right-hand-drive. So, I got in and took it for a test drive and thought, ‘This is really, really fun. And I drove it around and everyone kept looking and wondering why there was nobody driving this particular vehicle. So my brother and I came up with the idea of putting a skeleton there… and everybody went crazy about that. After a few months I had to step up my game. It’s progressed to different characters, different themes … every vehicle gets more expensive and more elaborate.”

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“It’s a lot of fun, it’s entertaining to people. I’m always the attraction. Wherever I go, I have to plan an extra 30 minutes just for that.”

“I’ve had to calm a lot of people down. I had one lady praying to Jesus.” – Andrew Johnson

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