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Why You Should Read No Guns Life

It’s not too often you see a noir style stories any more. With mystery lurking in every corner, with our hero trying to piece everything together. No Guns Life is exactly that and some. The story takes place in a world where people have all kinds of crazy things done to their bodies known as extended. You’ll see someone with robotic eyes to be able to see long distances, or some people that are pretty much all robots. And not to mention Juzo Inui the protagonist of the story has a revolver for a head!

The manga throws you straight into this world leaving you with a lot of questions about it. Purposely being vague about key events that took place that made things the way they are. Such as the great war that is mentioned a number of times throughout the read. But what little they tell you is enough to keep you wanting more and more.

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The manga follows Juzo Inui who is an extended as well.But his extension is one of the most unusual ones with a giant revolver as a head, forcing you to ask where are his eyes? He usually finds work by helping other people who are extended as well, but mainly living paycheck to paycheck. He soons fines himself neck deep in trouble when he finds out something he shouldn’t have found otherwise.

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I found myself getting more and more immerserved in the story not wanting to put it down, just so I can see what happens next. As mentioned before the story is written so well it won’t bother you knowing that a lot of these characters are hiding something. As the story progresses Juzo comes across some allies who make the story that much better. Such as mary every panel that she’s in is better than the last. More or less serving as the comedic relief when things get a little too serious you could count on her to brighten things up. Not to mention her skills make her that much more interesting as well.

But more than often a  story is only as good as it’s villains. And they do not disappoint with that at all. The people that Juzo finds himself often fighting are the kinds of people you wouldn’t want to get tied with. Every villain that he crosses path with all stand out in their own way, with some being bent on completing the mission, to some just wanting to make his life a living hell, or sometimes even being forced to do so. Making it much more interesting every time he has to put up a fight.

No Gun Life was a truly enjoyable read from start to finish. With lots of twists and turns to keep you hooked all the way to the end. I highly recommend you read it for yourself so you can enjoy it as much as I did. The Manga is set to release Sept 17th and being sold for $12.99USD or in Canada for $17.99. Be sure to pick it up at 

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