The Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Is Sold Out

For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to identify the spark that will send this world into full blown Mad Max: Fury Road mode and I feel it just happened. reported on August 27th, that fried chicken sandwich from Popeyes all your snobby foodie friends who just discovered Popeye’s wouldn’t shut the hell up about this past weekend, is officially sold out.

I can totally hear the slow piano music from Charlie Brown playing in the background as I hang my head in disappointment as I am one of the many people who didn’t take half of my Saturday to wait for what I’ve heard is the next best thing in fast food. No offense to Popeyes but the only fried chicken I’m waiting two plus hours for is Howlin’ Rays and even then I have to be three beers deep before I stand in that line.

But I do know there were many people who did take the time to sit in the drive-thru hoping to sink their teeth into that sweet piece of fried deliciousness. And there were also many of you who were unfortunately robbed of such an experience. While I can’t offer a specific return date for the sandwich, Popeyes used social media to tease the product’s comeback…

Personally I haven’t seen the fast food world ignite with such a passion since Taco Bell and Doritos joined forces for a little slice of heaven we’ve all drunkenly slammed at 3:30 am.

But until this miracle of a chicken sandwich resurfaces, there will be millions of millennials who will be deprived of that perfect Instagram photo opportunity to hashtag. This pent up frustration could easily lead to the start of the collapse of Western Civilization as we know it. I mean we’re talking a ton of young people who won’t be able to take a selfie holding the most recent craze in food culture. The thought is horrifying!

So as we await the second coming of Chicken Christ, go out buy yourself some clothes made out of tires because either the FOMO of the Instagram generation or the lines at Popeyes when this thing does comeback will be the spark that sets the world on fire.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Instagram/Popeyes

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