Ultra-Nutrient-Rich Cup Noodles Will Sustain You for Life

Creating the ultimate all-in-one “Space food” has been an issue many of us have been on the look out for since even our earliest sci-fi watching days.
We all are hoping for something a little more robust than a food bar or shake or mush from a machine.
Perhaps this is is.

Nissin, the Japanese food product corporation that produces Cup Noodles (a delicacy college students everywhere know all too well) just released new variation of their legendary instant ramen. According to SoraNews24 has “all [the] nutrients your body needs.”
The Department of Health says that an individual only needs six major nutrients including carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water, making it reasonable that instant noodles can meet these requirements.

This feat of foodstuff engineering is achieved by packing each noodle with a nutrient-rich core. This core is still surrounded by a tube of normal Cup Noodles coating so that you still have the same texture and flavor of the noodles you have always loved. Because the noodles lose their centers, these types of Cup Noodles also have 40% fewer carbohydrates than their normal instant ramen counterparts.

Folk can choose between Abura Ramen, which has cashu pork, green onions, and spicy rayu oil; Tom Yum Ramen which contains lemongrass, coconut milk, and cilantro; or Tantan Ramen, which has a Szechuan-pepper bite.

A pack of the plain nutrient-rich noodles goes for about $3.70 while the brothless cups will set you back about $5.63
Which sounds pricey for those dorm-room dwellers. Although, only 3 of these bad boys a day is all you need to meet your daily nutrient requirements.

What are your thoughts on these new nutrient filled ramen options?
Find the noodles here.

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