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Canada is Minting Limited Edition Optimus Prime Coins!

In probably the coolest thing ever Canada has minted a couple of different coins featuring our favorite Autobot leader Optimus Prime will be gracing the market. They have created both a 25 cent version of the coin and a $25 dollar coin that they boast will be perfect to start up any person in coin collecting. Or maybe a gift for someone who just loves Transformers. They even come in a fancy collectors box!

There is a lenticular coin that features Optimus tranforming to his truck form and back again. They list the price for this coin at $35 CAD. 25,000 will be produced for this set.

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Another coin has a 3D effect where it looks like Optimus has his eyes glowing. This coin is listed at $160 CAD. The coin is listed as valued at $25 CAD but is also made of silver so the value should be higher than that. They are only making a total of 3500 of these guys.

You can check out both designs by clicking here. Make sure you order them quick because these for sure won’t last. Unfortunately you can only get these if you have a US or Canadian address so if you don’t live in the states, it’s probably time to find a fellow nerd to help you get your hands on them.

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