Plastic can be great. It can be used to make new body parts. Plastic can also be a terrible pollutant. It’s getting so bad that microplastics are ending up in places people rarely go.

Hasbro, maker of your favorite toys, plans to phase out plastic in its toy and game packaging.

Eventually! Soon! Kind of!

Image: Hopefully less plastic means less of this.

Starting in 2020, Hasbro plans to start removing plastic components in packaging. They also say by 2022 they will have removed pretty much all of the plastic from their packaging. That includes things like those annoying plastic wrapped onto every game and the little annoying twisty plastic things holding your Spider-Man toy in place.

The toys will continue to be plastic, however. Other positive Hasbro ideas include reducing energy consumption by 25% and halving landfill waste. All of this is because surveys show that (thankfully) people – especially parents and kids – care about the environment. Making yourself as environmentally friendly is good for business and the planet.

This announcement comes just after Hasbro expanding its plans to recycle materials and use biodegradable packaging. Other toy companies are also doing similar initiatives. Though some issues, like LEGO not finding plastic alternatives that make a satisfying click, linger.

Should toy companies try and eliminate plastic entirely? Or do you love to have piles of plastic wrap after Christmas? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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