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Round Up for the Love Nikki Event at Anime Expo!

Lights! Camera! Fashion! Love Nikki- Dress Up QUEEN has hit the dressup mobile game scene by storm! The craze has gotten fashion-lovers all over creating extravagant outfits for the main character of the game: Nikki. And thanks to Tasty Design Studios, the first ever Love Nikki event Midsummer Night’s Dress Up Fans Party took place on July 6th in Downtown Los Angeles. Fans from near and far gathered for a stellar night of fun, fashion, food, and exclusive activities!

Eager fashionistas lined up in the warm summer evening dressed up in their cutest outfits in anticipation to enter the venue. Flowers decorated the ceiling, walls, and everything in between. A vibrant inside garden was erected for attendees to snap photos. The lifesize cutouts of the fashionable Nikki and friends decorated the room, as well as the handsome boys from Mr Love: Queen’s choice added that extra husbando sweetness.

The event had so many wonderful activities for everyone to enjoy, from flower crowns to claw machines full of prizes, bringing all the Love Nikki fans together in a much anticipated gathering.

Get your nails done!

Who doesn’t love getting their nails done?! I SURELY LOVE TO!! Specially LOVE NIKKI NAILS!! Yes, you could get your nails decorated with Love Nikki designs. Perfect for the event and to show your love for the mobile game.

Yum Yum YUM!!!

No event is perfect without food! Platters were decorated with cute donuts, macarons, and other delicious pastries. There was a wall full of cute bag full of sweets and even Love Nikki themed ice cream! All the sugary treats to feed all the wonderful attendees. They were oh so delicious! Drinks were served at a cute little bar. All drinks came in a Love Nikki cup as well!

The Perfect Accessory: Flower Crowns!

Creativity is a big plus in the game, and you could express that creativity out at this event. Under the guidance of a crafting professional, guests were able to create their own flower crown. An array of beautiful fresh flowers were provided so no one crown was the same as another. Everyone looked so cute and magical in them!

Everyone’s A Winner!

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Are you feeling lucky? Do you have what it takes to win? Well, step right up to the claw machine! Everyone got the chance to win cute plushes and collectibles just by playing! Although some were not able to win some of the machine’s prizes, there were other ways to win other goodies such as buttons and stickers just by posting pictures online. Easy way of getting awesome collectibles! Every guest got a super cute goodie bag for attending on top of all these prizes. Everyone definitely became winner!


You can’t have a super cute fashionable event without capturing some fun memories, right? The event provided the perfect backdrops for everyone’s snaps. Elegant flower covered seats, flower chandeliers, and the perfect lighting. You felt like you stepped right into the world of Love Nikki!

Fashion Party

One of the highlights of the event was, of course, the attendees. The room was filled with fashionable attendees; some even cosplayed of their favorite outfits and characters! You could see everyone’s love for the game and the creativity that inspired them. It was a sight to see. And with the introduction of Love Nikki’s fashion brand, I can’t wait to see what everyone’s outfits will look like next time!

Tasty Design Studios brought a quality experience to all Love Nikki fans alike. Coming together on this special evening was beyond expectations. The atmosphere radiated a blissful electricity. There was not one frown; only the most jolly of smiles. From delicious treats to cute goodies, all attendees left with full hands and fond memories. We are looking forward to more Love Nikki events in the near future. By that time, we hope to see new faces, new fans, and new event to celebrate our love for Love Nikki. Keep a lookout! You wouldn’t want to miss it the next time around!

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