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Dad Bods are In, Abs are Out

If you’re like me, you are neither fit, nor unfit, rather that fine line in between. I sometimes look in the mirror and wonder where my athletic physique from yesteryear went. But alas, there is hope.

Every year around father’s day, Planet Fitness decides to do a survey about the god-like physique of the “dad bod”. The online survey gathers the data from Americans 18 and older. This year, it seems, more people are happier with themselves than ever, and more women are gainfully attracted to a keg, rather than a six-pack. Some of the results speak for themselves:

Positivity: 79% say they are happier with their body.

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Self-Esteem: 48% are less concerned with their appearance.

Confidence: 78% of both men and women believe a dad bod is a sign of confidence.

Attractive: 65% of respondents say that a dad bod is attractive.

Planet Fitness

There you have it. Quit them crunches and get to the munches. Be happy with who you are. Be like Dad bod Thor, not trim Thor. Grab a beer, not a dumbbell. According to the survey, your significant other will enjoy a comfy pillow to cuttle up to, rather than a rigid , hard surface.

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