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Lucky Charms is Releasing Marshmallows ONLY!

If you love those little dehydrated bits of sugar in your Lucky Charms then you are going to love this news! You will now be able to buy Lucky Charms Marshmallows at the grocery store. Lucky Charms released a post on Instagram showcasing the new packaging for the snack.

Starting this month they will roll out into grocery stores becoming available nationwide in September. These marshmallows while not the dehydrated bits we are used to in our cereal will be larger and intended for a treat. They will also be for baking and creating confectioneries as decorations.

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Instead of finding these in the cereal section you will be able to pick them up on the baking aisle where the other marshmallows and chocolate chips are displayed. These are not up for sale on any of the websites as of yet but if you really want to get your marshmallow fix you can pick up “Charms” Dehydrated Mini Marshmallow bits in a one pound bag on

Or you can check out these listings on Amazon which lead to some hilarious reviews.
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