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Amazon is Selling Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits… for Breakfasts?

Really though, Amazon is now selling dehydrated marshmallows in quantities ranging from one pound to eight glorious pounds of sugary sweetness. Now you wont have to pick through your Lucky Charms or off brand marshmallow cereal to get that handful you know you are going to shove all into your mouth at once. You can just buy a bag of these and eat them.

Besides using these for an epic breakfast of champions you can also use these to decorate tables and confections. Perhaps you are throwing a baby shower or a birthday party. Why not add some marshmallow goodness to your cupcakes or dessert?

Since these are dehydrated they will also last a very long time. So you can eat them and take your time with them.

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Upon doing research for this I stumbled across probably the best Amazon review that I have ever read. Here is the most helpful review of these marshmallows to help you decide whether or not this purchase is the right choice for you.

It’s an ominous warning for anyone who wants these. What type of hell will you unleash upon the world? What kind of example are you setting for your family and those around you? It is a cautionary tale of love, lust, friendship, and rebuilding a life after losing it all.

Would you buy these marshmallows? Tell us in the comments if you do! And what happens next…

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