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Bill Murray Spotted in Target Ad for Dinosaur Pool Float

While browsing the internet for dumb stuff to buy I came across this dinosaur pool float. First of all it’s a dinosaur so it’s already a must have. Second of all in the add for it there is a video among the images for the item that shows Bill Murray riding on it. So now I have to get it, even though I don’t have a pool exactly. Well I do but it’s one of these.

So needless to say this will fill up the entire thing. And when I say this I mean… THIS

And you can get one too! If you want to see the video with Bill Murray riding on it and being a goof follow the link here.

Poolmaster T-Rex Rider

If you don’t then enjoy these images from the Vanity Fair Cover and stills from the movie.

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The complete video of the Vanity Fair photoshoot can be watched here.

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