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Bill Murray Spotted in Target Ad for Dinosaur Pool Float

While browsing the internet for dumb stuff to buy I came across this dinosaur pool float. First of all it’s a dinosaur so it’s already a must have. Second of all in the add for it there is a video among the images for the item that shows Bill Murray riding on it. So now I have to get it, even though I don’t have a pool exactly. Well I do but it’s one of these.

So needless to say this will fill up the entire thing. And when I say this I mean… THIS

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And you can get one too! If you want to see the video with Bill Murray riding on it and being a goof follow the link here.

Poolmaster T-Rex Rider

If you don’t then enjoy these images from the Vanity Fair Cover and stills from the movie.

The complete video of the Vanity Fair photoshoot can be watched here.

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