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Team Rocket Boss Appears in Pokemon GO

Prepare for trouble and make it far more than double. After all, the leader of Team Rocket is stronger than any grunt you could face. It seems that the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, is on his way into Pokemon GO.

Giovanni was recently spotted at Pokemon GO’s last GO Fest of the summer in Yokohama, Japan. Players using the AR Snapshot function were seeing Giovanni photo bombing various in-game pictures. In June, Chicago’s GO Fest experienced something similar when Team Rocket grunts kept appearing in screenshots from the event venue. Only a few weeks later Team Rocket grunts would begin appearing at PokeStops across the world. Thus, Giovanni’s appearance means we can expect him to become part of the game in the near future.

It’s never good news when Giovanni appears!

Giovanni’s exact role in the game is unknown, but it is safe to assume that players will be able to battle him in some form. Currently, Team Rocket grunts can be challenged at PokeStops they have taken over. Each grunt will battle trainers with three Shadow Pokemon. Defeating them will give players a chance to capture and then purify one of these Pokemon for various benefits. Perhaps Giovanni will give trainers an opportunity to capture especially powerful Shadow Pokemon, maybe even legendaries.

Imagine facing Shadow Mewtwo or other legendaries!

In the meantime, people unable to attend Yokohama’s GO Fest can still enjoy the festivities. Shiny Poliwag is appearing across the world for players. Additionally, each day brings a different Pikachu wearing a hat to be caught. Niantic is holding global challenges throughout the event’s duration that allow players across the world to contribute. Participating in these challenges will give players an opportunity to encounter the Legendary Suicune if the challenge goals are met.

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Additionally, players have the chance to hatch a Shiny Bonsly from 2k eggs during the gift-themed event currently underway. All eggs gifted from other players will automatically be 2k eggs. So be sure and hatch as many eggs as you can to give yourself a better chance! Shiny Rayquaza can also be seen in raid battles until September 2nd. So get out there and capture some Pokemon, because very soon we will all have a much bigger threat to face when Giovanni appears.

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