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All Kid Band With 8 Year Old Girl Singer Nails ‘The Devil in I’ by Slipknot

There is nothing like that getting chills from listening to awesome music. Slipknot has been one of those bands who really can’t make a bad song, but covering any of their hits becomes another story. There are those who have tried and ultimately failed, and those like this band here that absolutely killed it.

Lead Vocals /Taylor Jade Campbell / Age 8
Drums / Nate Tharp / Age 14 Piano / Anna I / Age 14
Bass / Noah Williams / Age 15
Lead Guitar / Eli Dykstra / Age 17… Rhythm Guitar / Aiden Combs / Age 17
Backup Vocals / crowd of kids / Ages 5 to 18

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Probably my favorite part of this video is the Dad at the beginning saying “No Slipknot” which is because what happened in the video had probably happened before. The Video was put together by the O’Keefe Music Foundation and filmed in three hours! Talk about talent, those kids are amazing. Apparently according to the YouTube description they were going to replace that garage door anyway so it was win win.

What do you think of this awesome feat by an all kid band? Tell us in the comments!

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