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GOT Season 8 Finale Script Released, Get Mad All Over Again!

Game of Thrones last season was voted on by the fans to be the worst of the shows entire run. Despite it earning a record number of Emmy nominations the show fell flat in a way that we were all disappointed by. It was entirely too rushed and the story suffered for it. It could be due to not having any material from George RR Martin to go by and only having the key points told to Benioff and Weiss that the script itself was lacking. But whatever the case the fact of the matter is it was weak. And now unfortunately that last season is what will stick in peoples minds when they think of the show.

Now we have a glimpse of what exactly the cast and crew were working with during filming. The script for season 8 episode 6 has been put up online and the writing and directions for scenes are there, written just as well as one might have assumed they would have been. You can view or download the script by clicking here.

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The problem with the script is that it is far too much to pack into just one episode, they tend to gloss over the most important scenes when they should be breaking them up into separate parts. It would have been much more effective to have the episode end with Jon stabbing Daenerys instead of just cutting and moving on to the next part. And the last episode script should have been dense. You can see above in Lindsay Ellis’ tweet the difference between the amount of work in each script. “They both failed geography” may be shorthand for they have no idea about what’s west of Westeros, but it is undeniably lazy writing.

What do you think of the script? What could they have done better in the last season? Let us know in the comments!

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