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Man Brings 1600 lb Bull into Petco Testing Leashed Animal Policy

As if you didn’t know, Petco has a “All leashed animals are welcome” policy. Basically, if your pet is leashed, you can bring it in. Whether it be a ferret, a dog, or a 1600 lbs steer.

Yes you read that one right, 1600 lbs steer. 

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A man by the name of Vincent Browning who lives in Texas decided to take Petco up on that offer of its policy of leashed animals. And brought in his beloved Oliver an African Watusi. He thought the policy was a bluff, and that it only pertained to small animals. But nope, the policy was not only a bluff but the workers greeted him and Oliver!

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The were able to pet Oliver with ease being careful of his 9ft horn span. So ladies and gentlemen go ahead, bring in your steers, cows, armadillos, if they are leashed they are welcome! 

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