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Overwatch Teases New Update

Early this week Overwatch shared what we thought was a developers update. Jeff Kaplan the game developer is explaining what should be a new update. But midway through his sentence he gets sucked into some black hole, with a bunch of math equations.

If this is true this will be the 31th character in overwatch! They have a trend of releasing a new hero every 3-4 months. With the last hero being Baptiste who’s a healer that dropped in march.

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This is good timing too because the summer games are right around the corner. It was themed around the Olympics but has turned into more of a summer sports/party event. Showing off exclusive emotes, skins, sprays etc. for that selected time. 

Could that teaser video be hinting at a new character? Or could it be a new map? No one really knows for sure but one thing is certain and that is only time can tell. But we always have our fingers crossed on a new hero.

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