If you love red or blue sour patch kids than man are you in luck! Sour patch kids has announced that they will be selling bags of only blue or red exclusively at 7-Eleven. So if you plan on having an epic party for the fourth you need to fill some snack bowls with these beloved treats.

Along with the bags of red and blue they have also recently put out THE BEST ice cream which you can find at most grocery stores. Baskin Robbins had a Sour Patch flavor a few summers ago that I hunted for. I called around and bought it by the pint. It was that good. This new ice cream is no exception and will leave your tastebuds feeling more than satisfied.

If you are on a diet or full on ice cream isn’t your thing then fear not because they also have flavor-ice this summer!

Sour Patch Kids, first they’re sour, then they’re sweet! Which one of these do you want to try?

Do you have any favorite summer snacks? Tell us in the comments!