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How Movies Can Spark Wedding Inspiration

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Movies are very much part of our lives. For many couples, movies have special meaning or convey themes and values about their love. Movies can also inspire wedding inspiration, from venue to color scheme. Whether you’re interested in going full geek or care for a more subtle influence, movies are a wealthy and oft-overlooked resource for wedding inspiration.

Let’s take a look at four popular movie weddings and themes, practical considerations for pulling off your favorite movie-themed wedding, and ideas on how to get started.

“Crazy Rich Asians” Wedding

The wedding scene from Crazy Rich Asians involves a musical quartet, lush flowers, glowing flower baubles for guests to hold, passionate pink lanterns, and an aisle filled with running water. 

The venue for the celebration is Gardens By The Bay, a famous water park in Marina Bay, Singapore. The movie’s iconic wedding scene took 36 hours to film and is intended to reflect a $40 million extravaganza. 

In a time in which millennials are struggling to even afford a home, it might seem unrealistic to shoot for such an ostentatious theme. However, if you’re up for an outdoor wedding or some sort of natural cove for a venue, it is possible to achieve this look for much less than the characters paid for it. Making baubles with flowers and fairy lights, hanging lanterns in the color of your choice, and working with a florist for an affordable but memorable floral option can help you pull it off. 

“Up” Wedding

Everyone loves the compelling and beautiful story of Carl and Ellie in Pixar’s Up. The wedding scene itself is very short and takes place in a quaint church. Judging by their attire and hairstyles, Carl and Ellie marry in the early 1960s. 

What makes this movie memorable (and affordable to pull off on your own, with some creativity) are some of the other items in this early segment of the film. Items include a picnic basket with calico cloth, a vintage camera, bottle caps, books, a photo album, a coin jar, a red vintage car, clouds, a zoo, their lovingly refurbished home, and of course the film’s iconic balloons.

This is a couple who enjoys adventuring and creating together. This type of wedding is great for creative types on a budget or for people that want a movie theme but also something traditional. 

“Star Wars” Wedding

“I love you.”
“I know.”

Star Wars is an enduring legacy — not just in film, but in wedding tradition. Since there’s so much merchandise available for this franchise, it just takes a little creativity to incorporate the Force into your big day and seal your love with carbonite. From Stormtrooper cake toppers to lightsaber salutes, there’s an overwhelming amount to choose from. Common elements include: scrolling credits, light side versus dark side, droids like R2-D2 and BB-8, Death Stars, and Yoda quotes. 

When in doubt, celestial objects and outer space-themed items always work for Star Wars

“Cinderella” Wedding

Want a movie-themed wedding without giving up the fairy tale or traditional wedding staples like the full bridal gown? Consider the Disney classic, Cinderella. Set thematic details with a royal invite to the ball, glass slipper centerpieces, a pink and white tiered wedding cake, Cinderella’s iconic castle, mice, horses, and other woodland friends and the words “So This is Love,” the song from the original movie. Cinderella’s wedding attire is timeless with a vaulted veil, black choker, and white ballgown style dress.

If you have it in your mind to arrive by horse-drawn carriage, this is the right theme for it. Just don’t make your step-siblings do the dishes. Don’t forget to incorporate the phrase “and they lived happily ever after” as well.

Film Weddings and Finances: Your Budget

If you’re like most couples ready to wed, you probably don’t have a budget in line with Crazy Rich Asians. This is all the more reason to discuss it openly and honestly with your future spouse and anyone else involved in the financial details of your wedding. 

In the United States, the average wedding costs around $35,000. Whether you choose to finance your wedding with savings, refinanced loans, or an additional job, you can find a way to pull off the basic elements of most movie-themed weddings on a budget. 

Start With Your Venue

Following budget, you should begin planning a movie-inspired wedding with a venue. This is especially important if you’re going for a particular theme. Your theme and venue can inform other specific elements, such as your wedding invitations, which should match everything else perfectly. Starting your planning with your venue can help you ensure that everything coheres and evokes the theme just as you envisioned. 

Celebrate Your Love for Each Other

Whether you have a passion for comic book superhero movies, space operas, or Pokemon, the most important thing about your wedding day is the way you and your spouse-to-be celebrate your love for each other. 

Most of your friends and family members will be excited to support you and encourage whatever movie theme you have in mind. Movies inspire us with the thought of delightful possibilities for the future and the notion of overcoming adversity — perfect ideas for any wedding.

Cover Image Source: Pexels
Article By: Frankie Wallace

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