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Mars Releases the Ultimate Version of Chocolate Milk

If TruMoo isn’t your thing you should check out these candy flavored chocolate milks that Mars just put out. You can get yourself Snickers or Twix versions to satisfy your candy cravings!

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They are made with milk and have 14 grams of protein so they aren’t just chocolate, but I would caution against drinking too many at one time. Unless you really like sugar crashes.

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They are rolling out this month and will be available at convenience stores for the suggested retail price of $2.49 each. Finally we have something better than YooHoo for our chocolate milk fix. Just saying at least these are real low fat milk and have the added calcium and protein. Not like that watered down YooHoo garbage. I’ve been burned too many times… thinking I remembered liking YooHoo and then having the world come crashing down around me. Save me Snickers Milk! Save me from these bottled lies.

Would you try these? Which Flavor do you want to get first? Tell us in the comments!

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