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‘Devil May Cry 5’ Update Adds Bloody Palace

April Fool’s Day is an untrustworthy day for gamers everywhere. It’s hard to believe a new expansion or long-awaited game are coming when the news is dropped on the most troll-ridden day of the year. This year Capcom has changed that mindset at least a little though. On April 1st, Capcom added the bloody palace mode to Devil May Cry 5. If players thought the game itself was difficult, bloody palace will really put their skills to the test.

Bloody Palace is Devil May Cry 5’s ‘endgame’ content. A staple of the series since Devil May Cry 2, this 101-floor combat challenge is designed as the ultimate test of players’ skills. Players can choose to play Nero, Dante or V. This mode emphasizes the game’s combat mechanics by encouraging quick and stylish demon killing through each level. Enemies spawn into a circular arena, you kill them, and then jump through a portal to the next room. Rinse and repeat. The mode also includes the ticking countdown clock from Devil May Cry 4. Time is restored by beating rooms and avoiding any damage. It’s a simple but challenging mechanic.

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Bloody palace gives dedicated players an opportunity to fine tune their combat strategies and skills. It’s an unforgiving mode that will challenge veterans of the series and newcomers alike. It will take a lot of practice and frustration to master the 101 levels the palace has to offer. If you enjoy the stylish art of demon slaying and tests of skill, Capcom has the perfect challenge for you.

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