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Star Wars 9 Poster Leaked! Characters Revealed

It’s been a long dry spell for any information regarding the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode IX, but now we have some new content through a new poster that has leaked.

What do you see?

A few stand out things are… C-3PO is holding a weapon with Chewie’s utility strap around his chest, BB-8 has his new, already rumored companion, the Knights Of Ren in full force, a fishy looking Alien above Finn and two new characters on the right side.

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Aside from that, we see some new ships in the background and the obvious Red Stormtroopers at the footer of the graphic.

There’s always a chance that this is a fake, but it looks promising and it does match up with some of the character leaks we’ve been seeing in the past few months.

We’ll keep you posted if we see anything else come with the poster!

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