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Nerdbot Review for Jordan Peele’s ‘US’

Jordan Peele does it once again! He finds a way to scare the living sh*t out of us and at the same time make a fantastic movie. It seemed like a impossible task to follow up his debuting movie Get Out but in comparison to US it makes Get Out look like child’s play.

From the very beginning the movie sets an odd and chilling tone that sets the theme for the rest of the film. It follows the family of Adelaide Wilson but mainly focuses on her. A key moment happened in her childhood that would forever haunt her. It was something so horrific that no one but herself knows what happened. But when her past finally comes back to haunt her it’s not only her that’s getting targeted. You discover that something far worse than what meets the eye is going on, much like beautiful painting the more you look at it the more you seem to notice. And just when you think you have it all figured out the movie throws a left hook at you.

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One of  the great things about this movie is the fact that it’s a perfect blend of classic horror and current horror. Peele brings a new kind of horror to the table one that makes you think a little bit more outside the box. With all the twist and turns in the movie you can’t really tell what’s going to happen next.

But at the same time stays true to what we love about old school horror movies it even sounds like he uses traditional horror noses to give you that nostalgia feeling. For example when you first see the doppelganger family, you can feel exactly what the normal family is feeling. He managed to capture that true horror feeling making you feel like, you yourself is at actual risk for your life

With every fight scene that happened felt extremely real, these were normal people fighting for their lives. They were no police officer or military man there to save the day it was people like you and I. Making every encounterment that much more intense. To go further off that every fight with each doppelganger was intense in its own ways. It forced the normal family to accept things about themselves that they didn’t like. It was much like facing your own demons and overcoming some of your biggest obstacles and if they fail to do so in these fights it would cost them their lives.

Another great things about Peele movies is all the symbolism he puts in. Right off the bat you see things that you can tell means more than meets the eye. It becomes a fun task to kind of figure what certain things mean while watching the movie play out. It’s one of many things that makes Peele movies so much more fun and exciting. There where so many easter eggs that give the movie so much more depth!

US is one of those movies that will keep you questioning it far after it’s is over. It is an amazing original idea that takes horror to a whole new level, and he continues to redefine what a horror movie really is. There aren’t too many movies that capture you as well as this one does so do yourself a favor and see it in theatres now!

With all that being said the movie is a 10/10 it is truly a masterpiece and a work of art.

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