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Rob Liefeld Says Goodbye to ‘Deadpool’ & Hello to ‘Major X’

We all know our favorite mercenary with a foul mouth and a badass way of doing things he believes is just; Deadpool. A creation made by the talented Rob Liefeld, a socal native who created this brilliant character, who has equal charm and vengeance.

Sadly Rob took to social media to remind us of an important lesson in life. All good things must come to an end. And with that Deadpool: Badder Bloods will be the last Deadpool issue that he will do with Deadpool. As I am sad to see this happen, I am also very excited to see what Liefeld has to offer in the future.

“LAST DANCE! These are shots from Deadpool: Badder Blood, a project I’ll complete right after Major X wraps. This one is both a hoot and a holler and will be my definitive and last word with Deadpool. He begged me to be a part of Major X so I let him play in that sandbox as long as he was nice to others, you definitely won’t want to miss that one.”

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Now what you may or may not know is that Liefeld is actually working on a new mini series called Major X which is an X-Men run and most definitely he will introduce to us a new X-Man character. “Major X comes from a realm, another plane, called ‘The X-istence.’ It is populated only by mutants. It’s their special place. They’re happy. They’re living in harmony. The events that cause this portal to open, and for this ‘The X-istence’ to exist at all are subjects we deal with, and we answer. The absolute formation of The X-istence. Major X hails from there, and his home, the reason he’s here encountering the current modern-day Marvel mutant landscape, is because The X-istence has been destroyed, and he is on a journey to restore his home.”

He is a giant fan of Wolverine and even recalls grabbing Hulk #181 and seeing the brand new character that was introduced. I can only imagine how thrilled he is to be working with one of his favorite Marvel lines.

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