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PGSM “The Miracle” 4D Coming to Universal Studios Japan this May

If you were one of the lucky ones then you got to experience the opening of the Sailor Moon ride at Universal Studios Japan. They had amazing merchandise and tourism went up an insane amount. At least I know a bunch of people who went. The ride was a 4D attraction that showcased the inner senshi (Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Moon) alongside Tuxedo Mask that took you on an adventure fighting the Negaverse.

Now Universal Studios Japan has come up with a new story for the ride that will take you through the Moon Kingdom with ALL the senshi. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the Miracle 4D opens May 31st and runs till August 25th. The description for the ride as put out by Sailor Moon Official is as follows:

“The long-awaited Sailor warriors and your power, Super Sailor Moon is here now! The ultimate miracle bodily sensation attraction ‘Sailor Moon the Theatrical Force’ , which is encased in the “Legend Makeover Scene” which is more fantastical and more realistic with 3D image x environmental rendition and which is trapped by enemy attacks.

An elegant ball held by rabbits and guards, Chibi Usa at the palace of the moon. You were welcomed with a glamorous welcome, but there was a vicious admonition-there is no way to attack the mighty enemy that aims for “the illusion of silver crystal” Sailor Moon. Now, 9 sailor warriors and your power will be needed in the desperate pinch of Sailor Moon …!”

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And if you love new Sailor Moon merch they will also have an exclusive popcorn bucket that you can use for just about anything afterwards. Check out this “Universal Heart Compact” purse that comes in all the colors of the senshi!

“the Park Limited Compact “Universal Heart Compact” has been decided for sale on the image colors of 10 warriors! The image colors of the 10 warriors appearing in the attraction are sparkling, a special compact that you can only meet here. Please bring back the memories you fought with the sailors!”

If there was ever a time to head on over to Japan it’s now! And if you go.. Pick me up that compact purse!

Are you taking a trip to Japan anytime soon? What’s on your agenda? Tell us in the comments!

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