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‘Persona 5’ May Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Hold onto your hearts Persona fans because the Phantom Thieves may be making a come back. In 2016, Persona 5 was released for the PlayStation 4. The game quickly shot up in popularity, winning the hearts of both newcomers and franchise fans alike. It seems that the game has not been forgotten in the three years since then either. A recent rumor suggests that the game may be seeing a port on the Nintendo Switch this year.

A few months ago, Atlus announced an enhanced version of the game titled Persona 5 R. There is little known about what this new version will provide. However, Atlus promised more news later this month. This version is set to release for the PS4, but a recent rumor suggests it may release for the Nintendo Switch as well.

We all want to experience Joker’s adventure again

The rumor comes from Mr. Ohya of Twitter, a user known for leaking Persona news. He claims that the enhanced edition will release for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch this fall. He also suggests it will be called Persona 5 S in the west. This isn’t the first time we have heard whispers of a port for the Switch either. A few months ago, Atlus had a domain name change shortly before the announcement of Persona 5 R. This led many to believe they were planning a Switch port.

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Additionally, Joker’s addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate line-up could be further proof of their intentions. Joker serves as Persona 5’s main protagonist. Nintendo usually chooses characters for Smash Bros. who have appeared on Nintendo consoles in some form. Thus, it would make sense that Joker’s sudden appearance may be a way to promote a Switch port of Persona 5.

Joker will be an interesting addition to the Smash Bros. roster

While we have no concrete evidence of a Switch port yet, a lot of signs seem to be pointing in that direction. Fans will just have to wait until later this month when Atlus unveils more information on the enhanced edition. Until then, we will all be replaying Persona 5 in anticipation.

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