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7 New Flavors of Peeps Coming Out Including Pancakes & Syrup

It’s nearing Easter now and Peeps has decided that they would expand on the popular brands pallet by adding some intriguing new flavors. If you love the food coloring flavored little marshmallows than you may enjoy what else they have coming out this year.

1) Pancakes and Syrup

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One of the flavors debuting is Pancakes and Syrup. If you know someone who loves breakfast then maybe give these a try. They Should be available at any retail store.

2) Orange Sherbert

New Peeps Delights Orange Sherbet flavored peeps are “dipped in decadent cream flavored fudge.” I’m for the fudge but still unsure about the peep.

3) Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Peeps actually kind of make sense. I mean aren’t they already kind of cotton candy? Just a harder more condensed version?

4) Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry Peeps are a Walmart exclusive flavor. I would be willing to give them a try at least. They seem to have confidence in these enough to make them a store exclusive.

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5) Chocolate Caramel

Filled Delights Chocolate Caramel Swirl are a Target Exclusive. It looks like they are once again dipped in fudge though it doesn’t say on the packaging in this picture.

6) Vanilla Creme

Another Target exclusive are these Peeps Delights Vanilla Creme marshmallows. These ones do say that they are dipped in “decadent cream flavored fudge.” So I’m wondering if they just forgot to put that on the mock up of packaging for the chocolate ones.

7) Root Beer Float

Kroger is getting an exclusive flavor as well. Root Beer Float. Again I’m not sure exactly how that would taste being gritty and sugary but I’ll try anything once.

Other types of candy that Peeps will be putting out this year are chocolate bunnies wrapped in a pastel foil and some jelly beans(only available at Kroger). The chocolate I’m sure will taste great, the jelly beans, we’ll see.

Do you like Peeps? Would you try any of these new flavors? Tell us in the comments!

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