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‘Gremlins’ is Getting an Animated Series

The good news is that Gremlins is getting an animated series! The bad, we have to subscribe to another streaming service to watch it.

Warner Bros. is working on a new animated series for Gremlins that is to air exclusively on it’s new streaming platform. Because of course now every channel has to have it’s own individual channel. Warner Bros will be working with Amblin Entertainment on the featured show.

The series is to be a prequel to the movies and focus on Mr. Wing as a young man going on adventures with Mogwai Gizmo. The show is to be written by Tze Chun who has famously worked on Gotham and Once Upon a Time.

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As cool as it will be to have a Gremlins show I don’t know anyone who would want to subscribe to yet another streaming service. Already people have been discussing which one they will cut out to get Disney+ later this year. It seems the model that channels are going for are going to make cable subscriptions look cheap in the end. It is unfortunate that to be able to see it we will have to buy into yet another thing. Maybe if they have a free trial week we can binge and then cancel. Who knows.

Would you sign up for another streaming service for this? Tell us in the comments!

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