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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Could Be This Year

It’s been a long time coming but Final Fantasy 7 remake may soon be here. Ever since the game’s reveal at E3 2015, fans have ravenously awaited a release date. Despite this, fans have seen very little of the game over the past four years. Square Enix has assured players that more of FF7 would be seen after Kingdom Hearts 3 launched. Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 is out, all eyes have turned to the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Recently, Square Enix released their earning predictions for the third quarter of 2019. Square’s report indicates “great confidence in its 2020 fiscal year to deliver “record earnings” with a big increase in revenue during Q3 (October-December 2019).” Square declined to comment on why they predicted such a high spike in revenue during the final quarter. The company instead said announcements would start to come in as a lead up to E3 2019. So what could these announcements be?

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Well, many fans have speculated that this can only mean the release of Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix has few high profile games down the pipeline at the moment. For the company to predict such high earnings would require a game of massive proportions. Final Fantasy 7 would fit that bill. This would set the game up perfectly for a gameplay deep dive trailer and release date announcement at E3 2019. The game would arrive shortly afterwards sometime between October to December.

In their own way, Square Enix may have just handed us the answer to one of the RPG community’s most pressing questions. When will we get to reunite with Cloud and the gang?

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