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Hasbro Announces My Little Pony Movie for 2021

News coming out of the New York Toy Fair is that we will be getting another My Little Pony movie soon! Well, 2021 soon.

The movie is to be 3D/CGI and fully animated. There is still no word on plot or whether or not it will be Generation 4 or 5. General consensus among fans is that it will be Generation 5 since the show is supposed to start airing in 2020.

Other movies that were announced from Hasbro are Micronauts and GI Joe slated for 2020 and a Dungeons and Dragons film coming out in 2021 along with the My Little Pony Movie.

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Here is where I get serious. I want so bad for a throwback movie. One with REAL Sea Ponies and Flutter Ponies. Not the Breezies and not Griffins turned sea creature. They could just do so much with it. Read my rant here.

While there is currently no plot details for the upcoming film you can bet we will be keeping you updated. Stay tuned for more info!

What would you want for another My Little Pony movie? Tell us in the comments!

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