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Inkkas Releases Star Wars Rebel Collection Shoes For Girls

Inkkas has had their first run of Star Wars shoes out for a while now but today they will be releasing designs just for girls! They have Vegan Slip on styles and Leather Camping Boots.

The Facebook Event page says:

“Who runs the world? Girls. Who runs the universe? Also, girls. Obviously. These tough and brilliant characters are all the reminder that we need to stand up and fight for what matters. The Rebel Collection makes a big statement with every step. Wherever in the galaxy your journey takes you, resist and rebel in Inkkas.

If you’re an Inkkas super-fan, you know all about our limited release collections. This one will be in a whole new galaxy! RSVP here to be among the first to receive the exclusive pre-order link.

The limited edition collection ranges from $65 – $150 and only 50 of each size for each style will be available! Featuring 4 exclusive designs for slip-ons, Flex Force, and the best-selling camping boot, all adorned with Star Wars characters and art. Like the Star Wars films, the shoes feature Easter eggs with secret messages hidden in the design of each shoe.

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The collection features custom, collector’s edition boxes with secret messages hidden away in the construction. We dove into every detail to create a Star Wars experience a real fan will never forget. May the Force be with you!”

While there is only one picture of what the shoes will look like on the event page as of writing this, you will be able to check out their website for full information and pictures on the designs released today.

Do you know anyone who would love these shoes? Would you wear them? Tell us in the comments!

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