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Can Newcomers Understand Kingdom Hearts III

The answer is … probably.

Kingdom Hearts III is a game that newcomers to the franchise will probably understand. But when addressing this particular issue, we need to talk about the gameplay first.

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Technically, the gameplay is solid: featuring free flowing combat, hundreds of customizations , and side quests, all alongside beautifully rendered environment/characters. This Semi-linear open world play style is executed fantastically, with the main characters exploring the brilliantly recreated Disney/Pixar worlds. The models for the environments, as well as the characters, are crafted to fit each world style as well as its movement.

And with tons of different ways to combat the enemies, KH3 players can really customize their playstyle. The difficulty ranges from easy to medium difficulty, depending on how you choose to play it. Overall the game has relatively easy gameplay which is appealing to all types of gamers.

The plot makes sense if you’ve played all of the games, when they came out, and if you accept the irregularities that are sometimes presented. Due to many of the titles in the franchise being released on several different consoles over the year, they’ve recently been consolidated to collections that are easily available to purchase. So If a player feels they need to do some homework before starting KH3, all the luck to them.

The game’s story understands that their audience is mixed of those who have been there since the first game- alongside new players  who are wondering why Rapunzel is fighting shadow monsters alongside Donald Duck, Goofy and an anime boy with a heart of gold.

During the game they do explicitly reference past plot points and characters. It would be almost ham handed writing( they way they recall said details) if it wasn’t for the fact that our main trio have been consistently characterized as being a bit dense.

So yes, you can totally play this game and have fun, but if you do so without the experience of the other games, then you really do miss out. Fans of this series do not really follow it for its plot. While there are interesting concepts at work, too many times has details become muddled in it’s own complexities.

Fans care about the characters : these Final Fantasy rejects who have gone through and almost ridiculous amount of trials and tribulations. And this game is basically the celebratory finish line- with people placing their hopes in the idea that their favorite character is going to come out of this game in one piece. Literally one piece , as a whole person. Fans have to worry about that.

So now is the best time to check out Kingdom Hearts. It could be easy to go on and on about this game, and the franchise as a whole, but Kingdom Hearts is a game that’s best to experience first hand.

What do you think of the game ? Have you tried it or checked out the trailer ? Let us know in the comments down below !

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