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Hot Topic X Polly Pocket Collaboration Coming For Polly’s 30th Birthday

If you grew up in the 90’s odds are you either played with Mighty Max or Polly Pocket. For many girls Polly Pocket was where it was at and Hot Topic is right on trend for Polly’s 30th birthday this year. Hot Topic will be offering super cute products in collaboration with Mattel for Polly Pocket starting with…

A tie dye t-shirt $24.90

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A striped ruffle pocket tee $24.90

Other Products will include things such as this makeup kit designed to look like one of the play compacts $14.90

A Hair Brush Compact $9.90

This Mini Backpack $39.90

A sweet pink Dad Hat $14.90

And they are planning on eventually releasing a ton more! Things ranging from pins to patches. Everything in the collection will range from $2-$40 which is incredibly reasonable.

They have successfully collaborated with many other companies in the past. Hot Topic has kept guests coming back whether it be for their Sailor Moon, Lisa Frank, or Disney collaborations. Whatever you are into it seems one thing is for sure, we never really grow up and brand loyalty runs strong when it comes to nostalgia.

What do you think of the new collab? Are you going to get anything? Tell us in the comments!

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