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Pedialyte is Now Marketed for Hangovers Just in Time for New Years

Ready to have the best New Years of your life! Well whether or not you are going out drinking with friends or staying home drinking by yourself Pedialyte now has just the thing for you!

Pedialyte has begun marketing their new Sparkling Rush as a hangover remedy for adults. While they cant explicitly say that they are a cure for hangovers they can go into detail about how they replenish electrolytes from dehydration. Dehydration caused by alcohol, because, “the more alcohol you drink, the more you pee. And if you don’t replace the fluids you’ve lost, then even a couple of drinks at happy hour, or a few glasses of wine at book club, may lead to dehydration (which can contribute to you feeling extra terrible). “

The new marketing is pretty brilliant coming out right before New Years when they KNOW you’re going to be out partying. Here is a screen grab from their page when you click on the alcohol portal.

The new sparkling rush comes in Cherry or Grape flavors and all you have to do is add some cold water. They are little packets you can easily take with you when your bar hopping or out with friends. Here is what Pedialyte has to say about Sparkling Rush.

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“Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder Packs are a clear, great-tasting way to rehydrate without any artificial colors. Designed with an optimal balance of electrolytes and sugar, Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder Packs replace fluids and electrolytes more effectively than sports drinks to help prevent dehydration* caused by vomiting, diarrhea, exercise, travel, and heat exhaustion.” So basically yeah, for hangovers.

Just take a look at poor homer in this clip. If only he had some Pedialyte to help him with his morning.

What do you think of this new marketing scheme? Will you be drinking Pedialyte on the first of the year? Tell us in the comments!

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