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‘Venom’ Sequel is Confirmed

After the global success of the Venom movie it’s not surprising that Sony wants to put more into the franchise. It has now been confirmed that there will be a sequel.

Venom made $850 Million worldwide and broke records in several different markets. Heck the movie even set up for a sequel at the end during the post-credit sequence revealing that Woody Harrelson would be Cletus Kasady(Carnage).

Until today though we didn’t have a solid yes on the sequel. During an interview with Nicholas Whitcomb from Discussing Film, Jeff Pinkner the screenwriter for Venom gave us the down low. 

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“I can’t say anything other than that it is happening,” he explained. When pressed about whether or not he was writing it he said, “I am not. As of now, I am not.”

During the production of Venom the intention of including the cut scene featuring Kasady was always meant to serve as base for the next story. What they will do with the character in the sequel is still tightly under wraps.

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