Disney Releases Official Trailer for The Lion King

As a Thanksgiving treat Disney launched the official trailer for the new Lion King live action movie. As a super fan of the original Lion King animated movie that came out ’94 I was a little skeptical that this would hit all the beats. I should have trusted they would do it well because boy did they ever.


The trailer was quite impressive being narrated by none other than James Earl Jones himself as Mufasa. The music at the beginning sounds EXACTLY the same as the cartoon version. I’m not sure if they used the same track or actually redid the song but it gives you major chills.

I know Jonathan Taylor Thomas doesn’t have the vocal talent to re-voice Simba. I mean his days of sounding like a bratty kid are well over as he is now in his late 30’s, but a little part of me wished this was the original voice cast from start to finish. That’s fine though because who they got to play the major parts in this movie are really a collection of the best.


This movie is directed by Jon Favreau after he successfully directed 2016’s live action remake of the Jungle Book. 2019 is shaping up to be the year of Disney as they release schedule is packed with three live action movies coming out that year. Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton will arrive in theaters March. Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin will be coming in May. And The Lion King will be in theaters July.

The official release date for the movie is July 19, 2019. I have a feeling this is going to do really really well.

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