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Diablo Series Rumored To Be Picked Up By Netflix

Since 1996 the Diablo game series has risen to become a beloved favorite for many a gamer. So before you get your hopes too high (or perhaps some pre-info rage) I should tell you that the rumors of a Diablo project being picked up by netflix are in the realm of just that: rumor. However, this rumor already has a writer attached to it. Andrew Cosby; who has writing attachments to Hellboy and the shows Eureka and Haunted.

How we have so little information and yet such big news as writer involvement means that this project is highly under wraps or it isn’t a thing at all (rather a dream and hope for us who are tired, I mean ecstatic, about the 6 tedious years of Diablo III).
Diablo fans do not despair, while we have even more news of Diablo III rearing its head as it becomes released for Nintendo Switch (yay!), we can look forward to something new.
Blizzard is working on new Diablo projects and that, my fellow dungeon crawlers, is NOT a rumor.

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*Screams for Deckard Cain series in the background*

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