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Move Over Goku Controller: This Mini Cooper is the Red Samurai Power Ranger

All because of a Kotaku writer and their effortless snark, the internet is going crazy for a PS4 controller with a color scheme that reminds them of Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan hero Goku.

The brightly colored controller is one of four new designs from Sony. Other color designs you can choose are ‘YouTubers Shop at Hobby Lobby and Target’ turquoise, ‘Samus Copper’ and ‘Wow, my friend has been rocking those camo shorts since 2002’ blue.

The Sunset Orange DualShock 4 will be out this September. Everyone will call it the Goku controller.

But why stop there?

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As long as we’re on the topic of things that look like other things, let’s talk about something that’s been pounding my brain since 2012.

This Red Mini Coopers totally looks like the Red Samurai Power Ranger.

Image result for red mini cooperImage result for red samurai ranger

I know. Your mind is blown. You can’t deal. The Turbo Teen Future….is now.

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