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Nerdbot Goes To A Horror Movie Prop Yard Sale, You Should Too

For those of you reading Nerdbot articles regularly you know that I am now officially a Los Angeleno! Waiting on my driver’s license to come in the mail but I’ve had In-N-Out Burger twice in eleven days. That makes it official right?

Just like every other recent transplant, I have to do things to entertain myself while I assimilate into the culture of Southern California. What’s more So Cal than traffic? Movies! I’ve been the typical Hollywood newbie lately. Checking out various locations from my favorite films before I start my new job, maybe throw in a trip to the Museum Of Death…

100% Worth IT!!

As my girlfriend and I do our best to replicate a You’re The Worst Sunday Funday, we decided to take a trip north to Sun Valley for a Horror Prop Yard Sale at Dapper Cadaver. They have an impressive selection that has been featured on True Blood, Supernatural, and CSI: NY.

They’re in the movie prop business and when you got a little bit of overstock, why not have a garage sale?

Inside the building was where you were able to view a large assortment of movie props. Five or six rooms contained everything from plastic limbs, to animals that looked crazy real, to a statue of what I’m assuming was Doc Brown in Back To The Future 3?

Yeah… a quirky little experience on a Sunday afternoon but one I felt was the ideal way to welcome us to the City of Angels.

The halls were lined with various posters like the one above. A couple carnival styles ones looked pretty cool and would be a hauntingly authentic addition to any domicile. You could also buy just about any skull you wanted. Human to unicorn, yes, unicorn.

If you’re trying to out do your neighbors in this year’s Halloween decorations or shooting a scary movie of your own, Dapper Cadaver had zero shortage of life sized tormentors.

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There was an area designated for prop hospital tools, foam sledgehammers, and movie murder weapons.

Outside featured large scale items. This is where they kept the tombstones, Easter Island like heads, and of course… a Raptor!

If I had a place to put a five foot tall dinosaur, it would be in my living room right now.

Dapper Cadaver is located at 7648 San Fernando Road in Sun Valley. I found about the event via Facebook so follow them on social media to see when the next sale is.

You can also visit, maybe they have what you need.

It’s the little oddities like a Horror Movie Prop Yard Sale that make life interesting. And I encourage everyone to think left of center every so often to do things you wouldn’t normally do. If you live in LA or not, just simply have an adventure.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Adam Chmielewski

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