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‘Lost’ Writer Says he is Fine with a Reboot Under Certain Conditions

Are you still pissed everyone was dead on the island? The whole time? Well there may be something coming up to redeem the Lost series if the conditions fare well.

During an interview with Hollywood Reporter Carlton Cuse discussed what he thought about a potential lost reboot.

Do you think Lost would work on broadcast today given how fragmented the audience is?

The challenge is that you have so many more advantages working for a streaming company or on HBO than working for a broadcast network. You have time and money, and those are hugely important in terms of eliminating factors that make shows fail.

Will you reboot Lost now that you’re back at ABC Studios?

Damon and I have always been adamant that we told the story that we wanted to tell. I would be fine if ABC hired somebody who had a good idea [to reboot it] involving other characters that go to the island at some other point in time. I would be less excited if they wanted to use the characters that we had in our show.

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While he goes on to say that he would likely not want to be involved in it he would be okay with a reboot under those conditions. So more people on the island at different points in time. That could be really cool and eerie if done just right. It would be filled with Easter eggs that the original fans of the show could get chills about all over again. I wouldn’t mind seeing that Heroin plane, or Jack’s dads coffin show up in a background scene. Maybe a story line about the founders of the Dharma Initiative, or something that predates that even.

All I am asking for if they do reboot it, is a bunch of cast glamour shots like the one above. Google Lost TV. You wont be dissapointed at the amount of sexy cast pictures you find.

What would you think of a Lost Reboot? Are you for it or against it? Tell Nerdbot in the comments and lets get the conversation going!

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