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Nerdbot Movie Review: Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 was a work of art, plain and simple.This movie was great from start to finish, there was never a dull moment. If you even dared to look at your phone or blink you’d miss an amazing moment. This movie was 10+ years in the making, the first one came out way back in 2004! It had to be great, because the a lot of the kids who watched the first film grew up and brought their kids to see this movie.

One thing that’s alarming with sequels that take a little too long to come out, is that they’re almost never good. Look at Zoolander or Super Troopers. The first ones were masterpieces and the sequels aren’t nearly as good as the first.

But not Incredibles 2, this movie does the first one justice and then some. They stayed true to the nature of the first film, while introducing new elements that you’d never expect to see. The original yet unique animation was a nice cherry on top.

Personally one thing that I loved about this movie was the girl power that they displayed from start to finish. Not many movies with a male lead role make them take the bench. This movie goes against the Hollywood norm and lets the girls finally get the limelight. They completely flip the whole stereotype.

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We see the traditional American dad having to stay home and take care of the kids, while the wife goes and collects the bacon to support the family. This was hilarious because you see how fragile the male ego really is. Not to mention of how self-aware they were in the movie, taking jabs at gender stereotypes. Beneath the kiddy comedy there are a lot of references to some real world problems. They do it in such a way that’s non-offensive and very enlightening.

The character growth was definitely shown from the first one as well. You see how they’ve come together as a family while struggling with the day to day problems that they face. Even with being superheros at the end of the day all they want is to care and love one another. You really feel for the family and kinda feel like you’re a part of it:  Seeing how Violet has gotten out of her shell or Dash being more willing to listen and work well with the others, even seeing baby Jack Jack goofing around with his powers that no one knows about.

This movie goes on to rival all superhero movies and is enjoyable for just about everyone no matter who you are. No one really knows for sure if a third one will ever come out. The cast seems to be on board for it. I’m sure so are the fans.

With all that being said this movie is a must see and I’m giving it a 10/10!

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