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Why Jason Todd Is The Best In The Bat Family

The Bat Family is quite an interesting one with a lot of dynamic characters in it. Throughout the years they’ve had a handful of members. But the core team is always Bruce Wayne (Batman), Dick Grayson (Robin 1/NightWing), Jason Todd (Robin 2/Red Hood), Barbara Gordon (Oracle/ Batgirl), Tim Drake (Robin 3/Red Robin), and Finally Damian Wayne (Robin 4).

The one thing that they all have in common is that Bruce has trained, them all in some way. Each one having traits that makes one stand out more than the other. But there is one that is simply better than the others. That being the one and only Mr. Jason Todd himself.

He’s gone through so much more than pretty much anyone else (besides bruce). He has a more of an understanding on the common man than literally all of them, he grew up on the hard streets of Gotham. To top all of that off he was an orphan, and inside that orphanage was horrible they abused him time and time again, and almost killing him. It is true that Dick grew up on the road but he still had his parents. And had a sense of family before his original family was murdered.

As a child he had the guts to steal from Batman and from the Batmobile. Even Bruce couldn’t get mad at that, it made him respect this young kid even more. Even once he began training as Robin he offered more of an insight that Bruce didn’t consider. He was a fast learner and packed a punch.

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Although he was a bit of a hard head and that lead him to being murdered by the Joker. HE CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD! Went toe to toe with Bruce almost killing him. That right there is a feat of it’s own almost no one can defeat the Batman himself.

Once getting over his death and made peace with Bruce he did something fantastic. Formed his own team of misfits just like himself taking the law in his own hands. He understands that sometimes that line needs to be crossed. That certain people do not deserve to live for the things they’ve done. That right there is a major thing that separate himself from the rest.

While the rest are going out stopping world ending events. He’s out stopping local kidnapping, and traffickers. He’ll travel out to the middle to help out the people no one cares about. Because he understands what it feels like to be alone and have no one look out for you. That’s what pushes him so hard to protect the common man.

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