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Prince’s 60th Birthday Announcement

Today would have been Prince’s Sixtieth birthday and His estate holders dropped some important news on us.

Sometime in September this year they will be releasing a NEW album with previously unheard music kept in “the vault”.

After his death I would say that this is kind of a bittersweet arrangement. If he were alive we know he would have kept all of the new releases under wraps, but because he is gone we are now allowed to pick through and slowly release what was withheld.

Those who grew up with Prince know that he was very particular about which songs that he would put out. He even gave away the songs that he felt would not fit with his image.

Keep Going!
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Think Manic Monday by the Bangles which reached number two at the box office.

I’m excited to hear all of his fans start to make covers of these unreleased songs, I am hopeful that the rights to these songs will be open so that they can do so freely.

Here’s a video of When Doves Cry to get you in a ‘Prince’ mood today.

Happy Birthday Prince
we miss you, Rest in Peace


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