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Speedrunner Attempts An Impressive Feat While Blindfolded

Speedrunners often challenge themselves in obscene ways. As if completing a game that takes several hours in a matter of minutes isn’t enough, they will also add artificial modifiers that make the game even more difficult. A perfect example of this is what speedrunner TheMexicanRunner accomplished following his Battletoads speedrun during Awesome Games Done Quick 2018.

Battletoads is widely known as a very difficult game. However, there is a section of the game that is obscenely difficult. The Turbo Tunnels task the player with navigating through an incredibly tight corridor with blindingly fast reaction speed. TheMexicanRunner felt that beating the game in record time wasn’t sufficient and decided to do that portion of the game blindfolded. Take a look at this incredible accomplishment. Skip ahead to 45:45 for the Turbo Tunnels section or watch the entire speedrun at 10:10 in the video below.

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