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Fight for Your Right to Party

The stage is set. Old, crotchety folks who don’t understand the youths want to ban… HOUSE PARTIES! What will Kid and Play do? Or, if you’re under 30, Project X.

Well, true heroes – patriots in the vein of Patrick Henry – have arisen to save LA’s ability to get jiggy. Give us Four Loko, or give us death! Chad and JT said, well, something like that.

Their impassioned if misplaced speech can be found here: YUP. It’s real.

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Godspeed, young men. The Beastie Boys and 80’s House Party movies are gone. It’s an honor to be an American and Californian and have YOU fight for our right to party. Love your star spangled banner. Love your military. Love your amber waves of grain. Love your beer pong blackouts from 30 cans of Natty Lite (or Tecate in the Southwest).

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