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Nerdbot Manga Review: Disney’s ‘Miriya and Marie’ by Maya

Nerdbot would like to thank Tokyo Pop for providing a review copy of Disney’s Miriya and Marie by Maya.    This is the most adorable pink manga I’ve ever gotten my hands on. Miriya and Marie is a one-off manga about an adorably cute shoujo girl named Miriya. On her birthday, a fluffy white cat comes […]

Crunchyroll Prepares for Original Content Launch With High Guardian Spice

Deadline reports that Margaret Dean, former general manager of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and current president of Women in Animation, has been named head of studio for the new division. She’s charged with developing originals for both brands, including overseeing production for High Guardian Spice, the first Crunchyroll Original Series, slated to premiere in 2019. “Animation is a beautiful art form,” […]

Nerdbot Manga Review: Shortcake Cake by suu Morishita

Nerdbot would like to thank VIZ Media for providing a review copy of ‘Shortcake Cake Volume 1’ ‘Shortcake Cake’ is a brand-new shoujo (girly) manga series from creator duo Makiro and Nachiyan who together form the alias suu Morishita. It is the story of a short, cute, first year high school student named Ten. Within […]

5 Most Insane Sailor Moon Rumors Ever

Japanese phenomenon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (translated as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, then taken back with a “just kidding” and rebranded as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) is turning 25 years old this year. The original graphic novel premiered in 1992, a year before the TV show. It was a spin-off of the short-lived Codename Sailor V […]

Pop Culture Infiltration: The 90s Anime Magical Girl Boom

During the heyday of the anime fan-subbed VHS boom of the late 90s, obscure magical girls were everywhere. Lists upon lists of anime series like the one listed on the website above existed, and you’d see the same series’ names over and over again. If you were a big collector of fan-subbed VHS tapes like […]