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Beat Your Breakfast High Score: Tetris Waffle Maker

Sure, teaching kids not to play with their food is an important lesson, but with the country nearing the year anniversary of lockdown prompted by a still-ongoing worldwide pandemic, maybe we should just have fun however we safely can? Like this absolutely ridiculous (officially licensed) Tetris waffle maker that’s suddenly making the rounds online. It […]

Classic Nineties Games That Are Still Played Today

While some of the games fell by the wayside after being released, many of them have remained popular in the decades that have passed and are still played today. Let’s take a look at some of those titles now and see how you can still enjoy some of the classic games of the nineties today.

Top 10 Retro Video Game YouTube Covers

Who doesn’t like awesome music covers, am I right?! Here are some of the best YouTube covers of Retro Video Game music I wanted to share with the world. Keep in mind that this list is by no means definitive; and yes, there will be more lists since there are scores (ba-dum-tss!) of talented musicians […]